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Why choose us | Evo Prototyping
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Why choose us

“Our core principles put you, the client, first. This sets us apart.”

We value our clients and the ideas they have. Our expertise is in developing new and innovative products. We are a full service engineering firm specializing in product development. Our core principles are what set us apart. See why working with us is the best decision you will make.

Money Back Guarantee

While most firms are more interested in charging as much as they can for services and not keep their client’s best interest at heart. We take a different approach and focus on delivering a product that meets our clients’ vision and needs. Our focus is to develop what you are thinking of. Our motto is, “It’s your vision and our expertise that makes a successful product”. If we don’t meet that vision we will give you your money back. We are so confident in our abilities this is even in our contract.

Your input is critical.

Our state of the art technology is unmatched. We have invested heavily in order to interact with you seamlessly. We even take it a step further! Your feedback gives us the opportunity to make changes in real time. You will see your suggestions being implemented into the design as we progress. You are in the drivers’ seat the entire time. It’s all part of our commitment in developing your vision.

 Experience, experience and more experience.

Our team of Industrial, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers are here to meet your demands. Regardless of the idea, we have you covered. Our combined years of experience allow us the flexibility to overcome the challenges your product has to offer.

Did someone mention revisions?

It’s never right the first go around, we know this and that is why revisions are included at no additional cost. Whether it’s 1 or 1000 revisions, it’s all included….it’s FREE! The manner in which we develop allows us to develop and make revisions as we progress. The fact that everything is done in-house makes this possible. This makes us more efficient and effective.

We DO NOT take ownership of your ideas.

Unlike many other firms that take advantage by taking an extremely high percentage of ownership and leave you with peanuts, we take the opposite approach. We feel it is our duty to produce the best possible product and having a conflict of interest by owning a portion of your idea is unfair and unethical.

Free consultation….uh yeah!

We gladly offer free consultations. Our phone consultations allow us the opportunity to get to know more about you and your product. If an in-office consultation option is needed please ask and we can most certainly extend that to you as well.

We have the most flexible payment options.

We understand that developing your next big idea has a cost associated with it. So we make it affordable and easy.

Our services go well beyond the contract!

We build long lasting relationships with our clients. It’s not uncommon for clients to contact us for advice on particular endeavors related to the launch of their product. Whether it’s your crowdfunding campaign or a question on packaging, we have seen it all in the years we have been around.

Our clients appreciate the knowledge and experience we bring to the table. One example is connecting our clients with FREE patent services, sponsored by the government, which normally can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

We answer our phones and emails, We don’t have banker hours.

As nuts as that may sounds, you’d be surprised how many companies do not answer or return phone calls or requests. Part of our commitment to our clients is to answer our phones, emails, smoke signals, etc. We are able to do so because we don’t have banker hours. We have daily extended hours of operation and open on the weekends.

We are simply the best!

“It’s a great day at Evo Prototyping” Our team is here to help you. We love what we do our passion is clear once you speak to us. We educate and guide you through the entire process of developing a product. Our goal is to make your successful product. Our commitment is to make our clients happy, but don’t ask us our reviews speak for themselves.