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With our prototype service we have made prototyping so affordable anyone can have one. Prototype development is a specialty of ours.

Prototype development comes in various forms. From the simple handmade models to the highly accurate machine made production models. Home builds are probably the most common you are aware of. These home builds are usually roughly made however the parts are easily sourced from your garage. These are usually the most crude but they serve as your proof of concept. This type of prototype can give you enough information needed to take the next steps. This is the most basic form of prototyping. The difficulty level can be high depending on how mechanically inclined you are. Do not make theOur prototyping service is a specialty mistake on trying to show this type of prototype to a licensing agent or a product buyer. They are a simple proof of concept and nothing more. The type of models these type of agents look for are highly refined ones which are made through our prototype service.

Our prototype development service allows us to make you a high quality prototype.

You could be wasting alot of time prototyping yourself!


Electronic development is part of our prototype service.Sometimes these homebuilt prototypes take months if not years to build. The time to build them is sometimes not worth the effort. One rule of thumb is to not waste more than a weekend building what you envision in your garage. Anything above that is counterproductive especially when we can have a higher quality, more accurate prototype model in that time frame. Prototyping is an art form in itself and requires a skillful team of people to make one that is just right.

Our prototype development service is a game changer.

Utilizing the prototype development process and Computer Aided Design (CAD) to make your idea makes us effective. With our engineering expertise we can make a product which suits your every need. We are capable of making various forms of prototypes in different types of materials, shapes, colors and sizes. There is no obstacle we cannot overcome. Our job is to utilize a mixture of the prototyping processes to produces a final product which will maximize the time, material, budget and the vision of our clients. Take a look at our portfolio and browse through some examples of our work.