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Who We Are!


Evo Prototyping is full service engineering firm specializing in product development and prototyping. We are a vertically integrated firm which allows us to develop prototypes and embark on manufacturing seamlessly. Bridging the gap between the idea stage and a product ready for store shelves is a specialty of ours.  We view ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees, and our community. We aim to become an asset to our clients by capitalizing on our years of experience and knowledge in the product development sector of the consumer goods industry. Your success is our success. From napkin sketch to product, we can turn your ideas into a real product.

Product development meetings help us connect with our clients ideas.



Our mission is to offer quality services to innovators and idea people like you. We use industry specific information to develop products. By using our  LEEP process we offer a fast track way of turning your idea into a product. We Listen, Educate, Execute and Produce products for our clients.

Our expert engineers harness the power of product development in our hands.



We are a full service engineering firm specializing in product development and prototyping.  We also offer 3D printing services to our clients. The use of our advanced technology aids our engineers when developing products. We have invested heavily in technology to produce highly accurate and quality parts. We can deliver a finished product within days and not weeks from the conceptual stage. Engineering is our specialty, speed is what sets us apart.

Advancements in prototyping machines help us develop your products quickly.


We have the honor in working with the independent inventor as well as Fortune 500 companies. From Aviation to Technology, from automotive parts to remote controls and everything in between. Our vast portfolio of clients covers many different and unique industries. Our clients confidentiality and the protection of their ideas are of the utmost importance to us. When you choose to work with us your ideas are considered a top secret.

Our team of engineers have developed everything from appliances to simple gadgets.