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One might say it is straight out of a movie! Even though we are not on some spaceship in outer space nor are we 1000 years into the future our machine might as well be. The technology we use to create 3 dimensional parts is out of this world! They seem to appear out of thin air. But do they really? We say yes, they do seem to appear out of thin air. Upload a file and find out how easy it is.

Our portfolio shows just a small sample of the parts we have made in the past, to suit our clients needs. No order too small, no request too outrageous. If you dream it, we can see it! If you think it, we can build it! Our flexibility shows in the parts we have produced in the past. Here are just a few 3D Prototyping items:

The 3D parts we create for our clients are all made in specialized high end machines that produce the finest parts from the highest quality materials. Depending on your needs, and what properties you want your parts to have, we offer a wide variety of material choices. Choose from finishes such as metal plating, painting, textured and smooth surface options.

A wide variety of material options is what sets us apart. As a large percentage of all consumer goods are made from some sort of plastic our 3D prototyping machines have the capabilities to produce parts in ABS plastics, medical grade plastic, rubber, ceramic, and metal material choices.

From your personal vision to market ready products we make your ideas reality! Contact us and we’ll make your idea real.