Our Process

Our process makes us number 1Our process is the reason clients rated us number 1. The process of product development can be a daunting task, however our expertise and experiece make it look easy.

We start by following a process called LEEP which we have created to turn your idea into a finished product. Our Listen, Educate, Execute, Produce philosophy helps our engineers follow a clear and concise path when developing your idea. We Listen to our clients idea and what their needs are. More than anything, we Educate on the entire product development process and what pitfalls to avoid. We formulate and Execute a plan. We guide you the entire way. And lastly, we Produce what our clients envision. So are you prepared to take a LEEP with your idea?

Our transparency sets us apart. Here is a simplified version of what to expect when working with experts in this field.


  1. Non-Disclosure completion – Protection of your idea (5yr protection).
  2. Discovery – Preliminary product/patent search/ feasibility study.
  3. Initial pre-development consult to discuss, in further detail, the specifications of the project.
  4. A User Needs Document (UND) created.
  5. Determine all OTS (off the shelf) products which are going to be utilized with your product.
  6. If electronics are involved, this is developed first.
  7. We design the OTS part in CAD.
  8. Integrate the OTS part into the design of your part.
  9. Generally first DOF session is done between us and the client (technology used to allow client to participate in the development process).
  10. Incorporate suggestions given by the client during the DOF session.
  11. As an option we can perform “form” testing.
    1. If form testing was done you choose which design best suits your needs.
  12. We continue development of the project.
  13. Subsequent DOF session.
  14. Incorporate suggestions given by the client during the DOF session.
  15. Make changes, if any.
  16. Prototyping begins.
  17. R&D done (either on client side or ours).
  18. Changes made to reflect R&D efforts.
  19. Subsequent rounds of prototyping.
  20. Process repeats until you are completely satisfied with outcome.
  21. Finalization of CAD.
  22. End of project
  23. Delivery of deliverables on contract.