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Our History | Evo Prototyping
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Our History

Our founders’ first introduction into inventing was when he sought the aid of a patent attorney to patent his idea. The thought of companies knocking down his door and dreams of becoming an instant millionaire was all on his mind. Unfortunately for him that did not happen and he found himself out $10,000 for what he calls a “worthless patent, which is great wall art”.

Years later and much wiser he came across a late night infomercials offering help to inventors. Another million dollar idea was fresh in his mind, but he did not want to repeat mistakes of the past. This was a completely new approach to things. “The sales person was the best part of the experience”. You have a “great idea”, “we can make you millions” he said, and with that he fell hook line and sinker. It was shortly after that the realization of empty promises and more wasted money set in.

After those two experiences the thought of “why not find someone to build my idea?” An Industrial Engineer was researched and selected. At this point caution and hesitation was prevalent. What the engineer made simply did not work, as envisioned. That’s when the moment of inspiration and that “ah ha” moment was sparked.

Frustrated with all of the “help” received thus far, the thought of, “I can do it better!” set in. The question was. How could he help himself and how could I help people avoid the same mistakes he encountered all those years? He began showing inventors a systematic approach to the invention process throughout the country. Speaking, presenting and sharing what he learned throughout the years. Fast forward many years later and the opportunity to run a non-profit invention group was presented to him. He found himself the head of one of the oldest invention groups in the country. It was a challenging endeavor, to say the least, but “I was able to accomplish one of my objectives, which was help the masses”.

Today Evo Prototyping is around and came to be to help you. We offer a better way of doing things. Our goal is to help Inventors, idea people and dreamers. Throughout our years we have developed just about everything from appliances to simple gadgets and have had the privilege in working with some of the largest companies. But our primary focus is still you the Independent Inventor.

“Inventing is fun and can be very profitable, if done correctly. However if you don’t have a systematic approach it can cost you more than anticipated. Our goal is to use our past failed experiences to help the inventors from making those same mistakes.”