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We are a full service engineering firm specializing in product development. Our superior level of expertise in engineering and product development sets us apart from the rest.

Our teams of Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Engineers have the years of experience to address any of your concerns. We have an engineer to meet your specific needs. No idea too small, no concept too grand. We have assembled the finest team of experts who have developed everything from appliances to simple gadgets. Their expertise is what makes us the best at what we do. We are ranked number 1 amongst our competitors because of how we approah the product development process which is approached in a way our clients can understand. We take the time to understand the needs of our clients.


Our Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Industrial Engineers have experience

Our engineers are trained to spot flaws and potential pitfalls in not only the concept but as well in the challenges manufacturing has. Each engineer has a results driven mindset which is advantageous during development. They design with manufacturing and functionality in mind. An effectively designed product has been well thought out and engineered properly. Your Idea is only as good as the engineers behind it. We make the impossible, possible and have a reputation in making our clients happy.


Figuring out the problem is what our engineers do.We are a cut above the rest! Our team is trained to think differently about the concepts presented to them during the pre-development process. Their job is to spot potential flaws in the concept. The overall goal is to understand your idea better than you. We have worked on projects with as little as a description. We challenge you to stump our team. If we can fully visualize your concept within the first 10 minutes your design is on us.

Our engineers are here to guide you!

You don’t need to have everything “figured out”, this is the main reason you hire a firm such as ours. Let us handle the fine details.  Let us focus on the task at hand needed to make your idea work. We tell our clients to keep focusing on the next grand idea.Not sure which engineering partner is right for you? We will help you.From the deployment of a full CAD to the creation of manufacture specification drawings, we can meet and exceed the goals of your product.

So what kind of engineers do we have?

There are 3 main types of engineers we use during the development process. The first is the Industrial engineer. The focus of the Industrial Engineers is to hone in on the production of the product (manufacturing, development, etc.).

The second is the Mechanical Engineers. The focus of the Mechanical Engineers is to make sure that a product with moving parts functions as it should.

Lastly, our Electrical Engineers.  Our Electrical Engineers focuses on the electronics (if your idea has them) components and all of the things necessary to make an electronic device work.

This is an over simplified break down of what they do however more information can be found here:

Industrial Engineers

Mechanical Engineers

Electrical Engineers