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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

We have invested heavily in CAD technology to offer our clients the very best in 3D parametric software.

Let our team of CAD expterts guide you through the product development process.The design programs our CAD experts use are industry standards. Computer Aided Design or CAD is how your product ideas are developed. The files we provide you, at the end of the project, can be opened anywhere from developers to manufacturers.



Experience is everything!


Our CAD experts are highly trained individuals who have years of experience designing products.Our team of CAD experts have years of experience using this software. This sort of expertise is what sets us apart. Our Industrial, Electrical and Mechanical engineers utilize the software to turn your idea into a fully functioning product. The design experience allows for swift, efficient and fluid designs our clients can easily understand. One advantage of working with our CAD experts is that they make sense of the product being developed. This is an art form all in itself. Good design makes sense to our clients and manufacturers alike.

Our process involves you!


Our CAD process begins with a full description of the product, its’ features and functionality. These specifications allow our team to get a full understanding of your needs and allow us to develop your product. The transparency in design affords us the ability to design with your vision in mind. Without your vision we cannot perform the high level of expectations our clients demand. It’s your vision our expertise which makes a successful product.

Our CAD experts use Computer Aided Design to develop your product ideas.

Our Design On a Fly (DOF) technology coupled with CAD allows for further interaction between the team and you, the client. The client is always “in the drivers seat” calling the shots and making judgement calls at each phase during the design process. During these sessions the clients will see changes in real time and can give us input in real time. Would you like a corner rounded or want something else changed aesthetically? Done! Do you need a hole in a particular place or something more functional? Done! It’s all seamless with our process. It’s your vision and our expertise which makes for a successful product.

Lastly, let our team of CAD experts guide you! We tell our clients not to worry about material, shape, size and/or color as once we have a CAD the options are limitless. All of these parameters can change quite easily and with just a few clicks we can transform that ok looking product to something which wows you.

You can find out more about Computer Aided Design click here or give us a call and speak to one of our helpful team members.