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3D Printing

We have made large investments in 3D printing rapid prototyping technology in order to offer our clients quick parts and high quality parts.

3D printing has revolutionized the way product development is approached. The rapid prototyping process we use has allowed us to produce quick parts within hours. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for models. 3D Manufacturing makes quick work of the modeling process.

Our 3D printing technology allows us to make quick parts.3d Printing rapid prototyping technology has evolved allowing us to make highly accurate parts.

Advancements in 3D Printing technology have made improvements to the rapid prototyping process. It has done a few things.

  1. Has made product development extremely affordable.
  2. The turnaround time for modification a lot faster.
  3. Allows for highly accurate quick parts
  4. It speeds up the entire product development process.
  5. Things before impossible are now made possible with this advancement, such as body parts.

Rapid Prototyping has replaced traditional model making.

3D printing has replaced older methods of model making.

Model making has changed with the advent of 3D printing and 3D Manufacturing. It used to take weeks to have a model maker make your product out of clay from a technical drawing. Now all we need to do is send the files to our machines and we can have your parts within minutes. In most cases we can have quick parts ready for delivery within hours (not weeks!) These factors make the entire process more affordable than it has ever been in the history of product development.

When considering taking the plunge into developing your idea using 3D printing as a tool will aid in the overall process. Many experts, including our team, recommend having at least 1 model made. Having a part which you can feel and touch makes your idea come to life. Until this moment it has been all in your head and on a computer. Having a fully functioning product will bring your idea into reality and will allow people to see your vision.


The rapid prototyping technology we use allows for 3D manufacturing.We offer complete 3D printing services. We are heavily invested in our technology to offer you precise, accurate, high quality parts. All of our production equipment is in house, here in the USA. Our printers have the ability to make parts with tolerances on the micro level and we have made parts as large as 6′ Laura Croft from Tomb Raider. Ask one of our 3D printing experts about this option when you speak to someone. If you have an STL file which is ready for printing upload your file here:  file upload.

The 3D manufacturing process we use allows up to make highly accurate parts.


Product development is our expertise, 3D printing and 3D manufacturing is a specialty, speed and quality set us apart.